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The Roof Mounted basketball goal are not as popular as a basketball inground hoop, or even a portable basketball system. Less than a handful of manufacturer's make this type of basketball system, so your selection is very limited.



The Roof King Platinum roof-mount basketball goal brings professional looks and great play to even the most cramped driveways! The heavy-duty patented bracket allows you to set the rim at precisely 10' no matter what angle or height your roof is* (roof eve must be between 8' 2" and 9' 3").
The huge crystal clear 60" x 36" x 1/2" backboard is made of thick acrylic and uses a beefed up frame which makes this basketball goal play wonderfully. It also comes with a college break-away rim that has an internal dual spring back mechanism. It can be adjusted to the tension desired by the player.
If room is limited and a freestanding in-ground system just wont fit in your driveway than this roof-mount goal is a great solution. This is our most best roof-mount basketball goal and will look great atop your garage with its big 60" backboard and satisfy the most demanding players with its reinforced backboard frame and college break-away rim.
The 60" acrylic backboard looks great and plays wonderfully on the roof-mount system because of the board's thickness (1/2" - thicker than most competitors) and the beefed up frame. The frame is made from high quality aluminum metal which is supported with 3/8" "L" bars at the corners for added stability.

More Product Information

Features for Produnk Roof King System
  • Backboard Size: 60" x 36" x 1/2"
  • Backboard Material: Acrylic
  • Rim: NCAA Break Away
  • Adjustability: Roof Eve to Roof Eve + 2.5'
  • Approx. Shipping Weight: - lbs
Dealer Comments:
The rugged build will ensure that this basketball goal will last the test of time. We back this durable system with our 10 year limited warranty. This includes both the backboard and bracket.
Customer Comments:
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Roof Mounted Basketball System