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Spalding 74560 - The Beast

I purchased the Spalding 74560 last year, and for an outdoor portable basketball system, durability and balance, are probably the most important considerations. Spalding's Beast Portable basketball Hoop ranks pretty high in those key departments. You get a nice firm grip, the durability of the pebbled finish seems to be pretty good, and you get a nice bounce on various types of hardcourts. The grip may not be as good as Spalding 68454 Portable Basketball System - 54" Glass Backboard, but it is very close. It's reasonably priced, so if you need an outdoor ball, you really can't go wrong with this one.

by: Vinni - Pittsburgh, PA - Write a Review on this Product

Spalding 930 Fastbreak

I bought the Spalding Fastbreak 930 Side Court Portable Basketball Backstop with Acrylic Backboard and it was very easy to assemble. The Spalding 930 Portable Basketball Unit has a pole system and backboard tip back for easy movement on built-in. My son had no problems moving it in and out of the garage.

by: Chris - Pittsburgh, PA - Write a Review on this Product

Spalding iHoop

I highly recommend this system to all parents looking for a portable Basketball system. This is a high quality product that I can tell will last a long time. I did quite a bit of research before purchasing and after reading all of the reviews purchased and was very pleased with the cost and the quality of this system when it arrived. We purchased this for our two boys 11 & 8 for the basketball season. Very rugged, stable basketball portable goal, with EZ-Crank system. The iHoop sound quality was fair, and the ease of use was great!

by: Bob - Philly, PA - Write a Review on this Product

Spalding 10415 Portable System

This system looked great and the thought of having a glass backboard was wonderful. Unfortunately the excitement went away after the backboard splintered upon installing the rim to it, not once, but twice. The directions are very specific to not overly-tighten, which I did not. As a matter of fact, the 2nd backboard that splintered did so after installing only 2 bolts to it. Looks to me they need to add a back-plate to front side, that way the basketball glass backboard system won't crack upon installation of the portable basketball goal.

by: Mark - Atlanta, GA - Write a Review on this Product

Spalding Tournament Portable Backstop System

The Spalding Street Tournament Portable Basketball Hoop is more than we needed for our neighborhood, with 54 Inch Acrylic Backboard is designed for institutional use at elementary schools, recreational centers, churches, or as a top quality home basketball system. This particular portable basketball system was a bit too much for a simple game of basketball in the driveway. It is designed as an outdoor, portable basketball system for the street. The Spalding Street Tournament Portable Basketball Hoop with 54 Inch Acrylic Backboard folds down easily for storage. One person can roll the basketball system easily on most surfaces to desired location.

by: James S - Tucker, GA - Write a Review on this Product

Spalding 940 Fastbreak Portable Basketball System

I donated tihis basketball system to the local elementary school, and they will use it in there recreation center, and we plan on buying another one for our home. I can't believe this unit has a 54" x 32" high performance, aluminum framed acrylic backboard Backboard is 3/8" thick acrylic for superior rebound Extension arm provides 6' of offset at 10' goal height Pro Image Breakaway Goal Goal. I was amazed how easy it was to operate the height, and make it adjustable from 7' to 10'. Easily folded by two people in less than two minutes.

by: Babette - Chamblee, GA - Write a Review on this Product

Spalding 960 Fastbreak Portable Basketball System

I'm a locksmith in Georgia, so I work with hand tools, and this Spalding 960 was one of the better ones out there. Took me 2hrs to put it together, and I added some backboard edge padding too. Directions definitely were great, and I did not need to USE DVD to help me understand better. Solid base with very minimal backboard shake, I added 2 sandbags and it did the trick. Adjusting height system worked good but a bit long.

by: Phil - Woodstock, GA - Write a Review on this Product

First Team Rampage Portable Basketball System

I own this First Team Rampage portable basketball hoop, I have owned it for what I feel is a lifetime. The basketball hoop is just as good, or even better than the Schutt C2000 series. The only thing I had to replace is the net. Even though it's not the biggest hoop in the neighborhood, it would last much longer and withstand decades of use. If you're looking for stable hoop for youth to adult basketball player buy this hoop.

by: Todd - Shalimar, FL - Write a Review on this Product

First Team Titan Supreme Basketball System

You won't find a sturdier inground basketball goal like this. This hoop is well made and easy to put together as long as you follow the instructions. Don't waste your time with cheaper inground basketball goals. First Team know's how to build top, quality adjustable basketball systems.

by: Bruce - Rosemary Beach, FL - Write a Review on this Product

Gared Sports Ultra Champ II Basketball System

I was quite surprised, felt like I got more for my money and the backboard was like a Pro Style glass, and it pretty thick and the support bars that go from the pole to the steel base and the screw-holes in the base themselves seem like they were very secure. I only paid $1579 through Basketball Hoops Online, with no shipping charge . . . so for that price, I feel it was a good enough deal. As for the directions, they were slightly confusing. It took me longer than most to put together, but it was well worth the time and effort!

by: Cliff - Atlanta, GA - Write a Review on this Product

Basketball Hoops Online

You can buy just about any type of Basketball system from basketball hoops online. They are truly the best? Their website is easy to navigate, and their prices are very competitive. This giant online retailers give the best price which included FREE Shipping.

by: David - Pittsburgh, PA - Write a Review on this Product

Spalding 72354 Portable Basketball System

I purchased this Portable basketball systems and I didn't know the base filled with sand or water for stability. Although it will take up more space than an in-ground system, the portable base rolls on wheels, I was satisfied with it's construction, and stability for what I paid for. Simply assemble, fill the base and play today. There is no fussing with concrete.

by: Katie - Marietta, GA - Write a Review on this Product

First Team Roofmaster Basketball System

I purchased the Roofmaster III Roof/Wallmount System and I couldn't believe how easy it was to install on my roof. Once is was up, I had no problems with the Adjustable Roof Mount Basketball Goal offers infinite adjustability for the customer who has no place for a pole mounted system.

The RoofMaster Adjustable Roof Mount Basketball Hoop from First Team is one of a kind, and just about any age level can adjust it. The unit is versatile enough to mount to any roof pitch or vertical wall surface. The RoofMaster Roof Mount Basketball Goal is infinitely adjustable with the industry's widest range of height adjustment. With a simple turn of the handcrank the RoofMaster Roof Mount Basketball Hoop offers an adjustment range of up to 4feet (10' 6'). An easytoread rim height indicator displays the exact height of the rim.

They offer several backboards and rims with the RoofMaster Adjustable Roof Mount Basketball Goal so you can choose the package that's right for you and your budget. For player safety, we purchased backboard edge padding for the RoofMaster basketball system.

by: Rickie - Fort Walton Beach, FL - Write a Review on this Product

Gared Sports Micro-Z Portable Basketball System

Why do they call it a Micro Z? Well when it arrived at my home, I noticed it comes complete with 32' x 48', aluminum framed clear acrylic backboard and standard goal. I had a hard time using the Micro-Z spring loaded support post for easy height adjustment (7' to 10') of the 1/2' acrylic backboard. I just love the flip of a lever locks the four transport wheels, securing the unit in place. Another flip of the lever returns the unit back onto its wheels for easy transport. Base is fully padded for safety; unit folds up for compact storage. Additional ballast weight of 250 lbs. required; maximum four foot overhang.

by: Susan - Woodstock, GA - Write a Review on this Product

SKLZ Pro Mini Basketball System

I actually purchased this product to resell it to one of my clients, but when it arrived, I decided to keep it for myself. Some of the older wall mounted basketball systems I bought were inferior, cheap, and they scratched up my doors, cardboard backboards would always rip, or when you've been dunking on it all the time it would one day snap into pieces. I've had these types of hoops all the time.

One day I was going to the local gym, and I noticed they had them in the men's locker rooms, and I was convinced this was a great product. I've had it for three months, still no scratches on my wall, the screws didn't fall out, the backboard is completely shatterproof. If you're looking for an indoor hoop that won't have any of these problems, this is the one for YOU. Great Price, great quality, definitely worth buying. And the most fun thing of all of this hoop, play like a pro, you feel like a pro. FYI, my client is still waiting for his Pro Mini Hoop to arrive.

by: Anthony - Woodstock, GA - Write a Review on this Product

First Team Hurricane Portable Basketball System

I have personally assembled and installed the First Team Hurricane portable basketball system, and I found it very challenging from the start. It took (3) or more people to lift and attach the backboard to the arm assembly. The (4) bolts that secure the rim were to short, so we had to make another trip to the hardware store.

I noticed the Hurricane features a height-adjustable hoop, with a rim that can be moved from 10 feet down to 6 feet to suit any player. The "Spring-Aided" adjustment system features an easy-to-use adjustment rod; just pull the pin, raise or lower the hoop, and then put the pin back in place.

A large extension arm supports the hoop and includes upper and lower boom supports. Base to backboard, the Hurricane measures 96 inches, which is the requirement for all NCAA and National High School Federation regulations. The backboard itself is made from FT235 Unbreakable tempered glass and measures 42 x 72 inches.

Complete with a full-tilt 180-degree breakaway goal and FT72C TuffGuard bolt-on padding, the backboard is built to the same standards as those used in high schools and colleges across America.

by: Joe - Pinestraw, GA - Write a Review on this Product

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