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History of Lifetime

Headquartered in Clearfield, Utah, Lifetime Products, Inc. is the world's leading manufacturer of residential basketball hoops and folding tables and chairs.

With manufacturing facilities in Utah, USA and Xiamen, China, Lifetime has applied innovation and cutting-edge technology in plastics and metals to develop innovative products with superior strength and durability.
New offerings including outdoor sheds, kayaks and tent trailers are just a few of the ways that Lifetime continues to simplify your everyday life and enables you to get the most out of your free time.
Since 1986, Lifetime has transformed basketball by bringing the game home. With a large assortment of portable basketball systems, in-ground goals, wall/roof mounts, and heavy-duty high-end systems, Lifetime is the world's leading manufacturer of residential basketball equipment.
Lifetime now offers soccer goals, tetherball equipment, kayaks and more. We continue to grow in the sporting goods industry, making products that transform the way you play.
Lifetime will produce high quality, innovative products while growing profitably and providing opportunities for our people.
Through synergistic diversification, we will enter new product categories in a timely manner. We will expand our market share while continuing to identify additional distribution channels. We will find ways to flow value to our customers at a higher rate of speed while lowering costs. We will become a company worthy of the Shingo prize. <
We provide a SAFE work environment. Our brand is world class and of great value to our customers. Our products reflect our dedication to QUALITY and INNOVATION. We always treat our employees, customers and suppliers with RESPECT, HONESTY and INTEGRITY. We look to promote from within the Lifetime family whenever possible, giving our employees opportunities.
We understand the importance and power that is found in unified TEAMWORK, and we work to succeed as a team, not as individuals. We are conservative in our spending, and we maintain a LOW DEBT structure to ensure a recession-proof financial position. We respect the environment in which we live, and we continually look for ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY solutions to decrease our waste.
Lifetime is committed to providing high quality products, delivered on time, that meet customer requirements, while maintaining a fair profit margin and increasing sales. We accomplish this through product and process innovation, cost reduction activities, compliance with ISO 9001 requirements and the continual improvement of our Quality Management System.
Recent innovations:
In 2008, Lifetime created an ingenious line of yard carts and wheel barrows made from post consumer recycled materials.
In 2009, Lifetime introduced the Jumping Jack Trailer, an outdoor camping trailer that converts from a heavy-duty hauling trailer to a full-sized tent in less than two minutes.
In 2009, Lifetime created the Compost Tumbler, an innovative composter made of 100% recycled materials that virtually eliminates the mess and odor of composting.
In 2010, Lifetime acquired Dragonfly Innovations, expanding its sporting goods line to include Dragonfly kayaks designed for beginners in water sports.

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Lifetime strives to make products that stand up to the wear and tear of your active lifestyle. You can trust Lifetime products because of the way we design, build and test them. We make products that are simple to own, ready to use and easy to maintain. This all adds up to un-matched value on products you can count on, time after time.

Lifetime offers a comprehensive warranty on all of our parts and products. This warranty covers any manufacturing defect for varying durations of time. Please refer to the factory label, your instruction manual or warranty card to find warranty details.
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