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Manufacturer History and Warranties

History of Porter Athletics

Porter Athletic Equipment Company�s history and heritage as a worldwide supplier of athletic and recreational equipment dates back well over a century. The original Company, located in Ottawa, Illinois and founded in 1868, manufactured pulleys, hardware and hayloft equipment for barns.

The manufacturing technology available to produce this early product line accounts for the eventual carry-over into playground equipment as well as ceiling and wall suspended folding basketball backstops.
Porter started manufacturing gymnasium apparatus shortly before the turn of the century. At that time, the primary customers for this type of equipment were the YMCAs, Turners and Sokols. The sport of basketball was first introduced by Dr. James Naismith at Springfield College, Springfield, Massachusetts in 1891.
Basketball �caught on� in the YMCAs so it was only natural for Porter to supply the �Y�s� with basketball backstops along with the other gym apparatus.

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Product Warranties

Porter is pleased to announce the launch of our Extended Warranty Program for our custom engineered products. This program allows our customers to extend our industry leading standard warranty even further by having your equipment inspected annually by a certified Porter inspector.

Inspecting ceiling and wall suspended equipment is recommended to keep your equipment safe and functioning for a lifetime and this is Porter�s way of rewarding our customers for doing so. We believe in safety and quality and we feel this program reflects those values.
For more information, check out an overview here or contact your local Architectural Porter Dealer. Porter offers a twenty five (25) year warranty on its basketball backstops. The warranty protects consumers against defects in material or factory workmanship on Porter �900? series ceiling suspended structures.

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