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History of ProDunk Hoops

Hoops now has dealers nation-wide and ships around the world. Hoops, Inc. basketball goals have seen vast improvements from early iterations while keeping the same heavy-duty, high-performance standard. The rich culture at Hoops, Inc. has remained intact over the years fostering innovative installer friendly products.

The adjustable, in-ground Pro Dunk® product line has been the backbone of Hoops for years. We are proud to announce the Pro Dunk® line is better than ever with improvements such as our � inch thick tempered glass backboards and unmatched corrosion protection.
While Pro Dunk® systems have been the bread and butter for years we are not standing still. Our new Hercules fixed-height line of equipment has increased the size of our market without cannibalizing Pro Dunk® sales.
Hoops is dedicated to offering the best basketball products on the market through constant innovation at an affordable price.

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