Basketball Hoops Breakdown Manual

Most basketball hoops are made up of seven, separate parts: and they brokendown by the backboard, the rim, the net, the brackets, the pole, the height adjustment system and the support base structure.

Basketball Hoops Breakdown Manual

Most basketball hoops are made up of seven, separate parts: and they brokendown by the backboard, the rim, the net, the brackets, the pole, the height adjustment system and the support base structure. Here?s everything you need to know about each part.


These come in one of two shapes: rectangular and fan shaped. Generally speaking, rectangular is better because it has more area and therefore has more opportunity for bank shots. It also can come in a variety of sizes, anywhere from forty-two inches for the cheaper residential hoops all the way to the seventy-two inch monsters that high school, college, and pro basketball players play on.
It can also be one of four materials: glass, acrylic, molded plastic or steel. Glass is the preferable material, as it is the most rigid (and it?s also what the pros use.) A lot of people make the mistake of choosing acrylic over glass because they are afraid glass will break easily. Unless you have a three hundred pound NBA center as a regular houseguest, this will not a be a real issue.

Neither heat-tempered glass nor acrylic break very often even with very rough use. If it?s a real concern of yours though, make sure your basketball hoop is by First Team, which is the only company I?m aware of that sells a few basketball hoops that include dunking damage in their warrantee coverage.

When looking to purchase a backboard, you should be looking for one main thing: rigidity. Get the biggest and most rigid backboard that you can afford. There is something a little disheartening about trying for a bank shot and watching the ball stop dead against the backboard and drop to the ground instead of bouncing cleanly into rim. A nice, rigid backboard gives you solid rebound and a more pro feel.


Unless it?s a kiddy or novelty rim, every basketball rim you encounter will be steel and eighteen inches in diameter. When looking at a basketball rim, take note of thebreakway system. A breakaway system is just springs that connect the rim to the backboard. When you slam dunk the ball, the springs allow the rim to ?give? just a bit to prevent the backboard from cracking. Please note that even though it?s called a ?breakaway? system, nothing is actually supposed to break or collapse. If you are playing and your rim snaps, it?s time to look over the details of your warranty.


Nets are usually made out of nylon, but heavier duty nets can be made of metal chains or even the plastic covered metal braids that that they usually make bike chains out of. The funny thing about basketball nets is that people usually don?t buy them for durability or anything. They buy them because they like the sound that a certain net makes. Like the clean swoosh sound of an anti-whip nylon net or the metal jangling of the metal chains at a hoop at a public park.


Brackets are the poles that connect the backboard to the pole or wall, and they have a big influence on the overhang (the distance from the wall or pole to the backboard.) Generally speaking, you want wide brackets that grab the backboard by the edges, or as far to the edges as possible. This will ensure that the brackets stabilize the backboard as much as possible.

You also want brackets that provide as much overhang as possible. Those monster portable systems that you see rolled out for NBA games actually have an overhang of ten feet, with four feet from the backboard to the out of bounds line. Really high end adjustable in ground systems try to simulate professional standards by having brackets that extend out four feet. The idea is, if you plant the pole right on the out of bounds line, it?s just like playing on a pro court.

Height Adjustment System:

For most players, they just want to keep the hoop at the regulation height of ten feet all the time. But if you have kids (or like to re-enact Dr. J slams), you might be interested in a good height adjustment system to make it easier to reach the rim.

Height adjustment system comes it a bunch of different shapes and sizes, but they are usually involve either a hand crank, a pneumatic (gas-powered) system or a pin-lock system. If you are deciding between a pneumatic system and a hand crank, get the hand crack. Pneumatic, because it is more advanced sounds like a better deal, but in my experience hand crack systems are always easier to adjust.

Basketball Hoop Base:

If you by a crank adjust basketball goal for an institutional setting, such as a park, you should also purchase a crank lock. This will prevent any unauthorized adjusting of the basketball system.

In-Ground Basketball Hoops:

If you have the room and can afford it, it is always preferable to purchase an in ground basketball goal over any other kind. These systems feature a pole that you cement straight into the ground. However, you may also install into the ground with the help of a ground sleeve or a ground anchor. This makes the system much more stable, and is therefore able to offer much better rebound than other kind of basketball systems.

This cement installation provides a much sturdier base, this also means it is much easier to get a larger backboard at an affordable price. In ground basketball hoops also offer a much broader range of backboard materials than either portable or wall mounted units.

Portbale Basketball Hoops:

Portable basketball hoops are supported by a base that you fill with water or sand. For convenience, these systems often features wheels that make it much easier to move them around. Portable Basketball goals are your best choice if you don?t want to permanently install a basketball hoop in your backyard. They are also a great option if your housing association doesn?t allow for permanent basketball hoops to be out during the day. You can simply roll the system to your driveway when you want to shoot some hoops, and roll it back into storage when you are done.

Wall-Roof Mounted Basketball Goals:

Wall or roof mounted basketball hoops are great for when you don?t really have the space for an in ground or portable system.With some of the lower end residential wall mounted basketball goals, you will actually need to purchase the bracket that attaches the backboard to your wall separately. Most manufacturers offer two kinds of basketball brackets for wall mounted units: fixed and adjustable. If you have young children who might want to. There are actually two more kinds of basketball hoops that you are more likely to find indoors.

Swimming Pool Basketball Hoops:

The HydroSport Fixed Height Swimming Pool Goal offers a professional look for your poolside at an affordable price! The HydroSport's black powdercoated 4"x4" stainless steel post is designed with a bolt down anchor system silmilar to our upper end driveway basketball systems. The unit is secured to the deck using four stainless steel anchor bolts provided with unit. An ABS plastic anchor cover is also included.

First Teams HyrdoSport carbon steel extension arm is also powdercoated black and attaches to the post via U-Bolts. Though the HydroSport is considered a "Fixed-Height" goal, the U-bolts can be loosened allowing the arm to be re-attached at any given height along the post. A variety of basketball backboards are available on the HydroSport. Pick the package that is right for your pool.

For additional safety, backboard padding is available for all HydroSport Fixed Height Swimming Pool Goal packages. Each HydroSport basketball system is covered by First Team's Lifetime Limited Warranty.

Electronic Basketball Hoops:

An electronic basketball hoop system is an arcade style game that keeps track of how many baskets you successfully make in a given period of time. They can range anywhere from cheap home models, all the way up to arcade quality units that can cost thousands of dollars.

Indoor - Door Mounted Basketball Hoops:

Toy basketball hoops are smaller systems that you can hang with brackets on your door or attach with suction cups. They often come with smaller rubber or foam balls that are much safer to throw around indoors. These systems are a great, fun way to practice your free throw in your room or at the office.Many units even feature licensed logos from NBA or NCAA teams.

The basketball pole is fundamental to the overall stability of a your basketball hoop. If the pole is flimsy, even the best backboard in the world isn?t going to help you get the rigidity that you need. Take these factors into account when looking at the poles on basketball goals you are interested in.

Number of Sections:

Poles for residential basketball hoops typically come in either one or three sections, though you may occasionally come across a unit that has a two section poles. If you are primarily concerned with the quality of play, try to get the single piece poles.

They are usually found on some of the more expensive models, but single they are a single, solid piece of steel they are less likely to wobble. You should really only get three piece basketball poles if you want the installation process to be easier of you just can afford a one piece pole.

Gauge of Steel:

This information is sometimes hard to come by, especially for lower-end hoops, but you should also check the gauge of the steel of the poles on your basketball goal. The lower gauge of a steel means that the steel wall is thicker and stronger.

Cheaper basketball poles usually have sixteen on eighteen gauge steel. Middle range units, such as those that cost between a thousand and fifteen hundred dollars, usually have eleven gauge steel. Very expensive units, such as those that cost over two thousand dollars, can have as low as seven gauge steel.


Basketball poles comes in two shapes: square and round. The most common shape is round, especially on lower end Lifetime and Spalding basketball hoops. If you can afford it, always opt for the square basketball pole, because that shape provides for the least amount of vibration when bouncing the basketball against the backboard.


The size of basketball poles can range anywhere from three inches in diameter all the way up to eight inches on higher end basketball standards. Obviously, the thicker the pole, the more stable the hoop. The most common size is three and half inches on round basketball poles, and the smallest square pole is usually around four inches. Five and six inch poles are most commonly found on mid range residential units, such as Mammoth and Lifetime.

When it comes to basketball, the sport is fast paced and aggressive. The equipment used in basketball gets a lot of abuse over time, whether you are a recreational player or a professional one. Fortunately for basketball players, if any one part of the basketball hoop system becomes damaged the individual part can be replaced, whether you are talking about the pole, the rim or the backboard.

Things you should know first:

If you are interested in replacing your basketball backboard, you need to know a few things. For example, the dimensions that you want to use. If you already were using a backboard but were unhappy with the shot support received from the backboard, then you may want to go larger. Basketball backboards are available from 40 to 72 inches. 40 to 60 inches are your typical home sizes and 72 inches is regulation. The rule for basketball backboards is that the bigger the backboard the easier it is to make a shot.

Basketball backboards are also available in a couple of different thicknesses. Regulation is 1/2? thick, for home use; however, you should determine the thickness based on your need and amount of use it will receive. The thicker the backboard is, the longer it will last and the more durable it will be. However, affordability will most likely play a big part in your purchase, especially for a home purchase, and the thinner the board (as well as the smaller) the less expensive it will be.

We offer basketball backboards in a variety of materials. Glass is typically used in professional sports for a couple of reasons. Firstly, it looks professional, secondly it is more durable than other options, and thirdly it allows for fans to see the ball in play through the backboard without having to adjust their positions to see around the backboard.


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