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Basketball Hoops is more than just a corporate entity that sells affordable, durable basketball hoops and equipment. We are a hands-on, family owned company with a personal touch, that actively engages in all aspects of our customers buying experience.
Our offerings include, but not limited to the following products:

Authentic Hoop Styles for Home, Court, and Playground
Basketball goals were originally nothing more than peach baskets affixed to the side of a barn. Today's goals are resilient, multi-material systems that can handle dunking onslaughts from some of the world's most powerful athletes. We don't sell any peach baskets, but whether you're looking for a basic backboard for driveway use or a competition-quality portable system, you'll find plenty of options at

Inground Basketball Hoops
The fixed, ground installed basketball system, known as the inground basketball hoops include a large selection of adjustable pole height systems (and fixed ones too), breakaway rims, and both glass and acrylic backboards for superior longevity and performance. Spalding inground hoops are consistently among our best-selling, top-rated backboards. Spalding is the official basketball and backboard manufacturer of the NBA, and a leading brand in value, quality, and authentic pro style. Goalsetter is the go-getter for adjustable hoops, while First Team fixed goals feature heavy-duty posts for high-use courts.

Portable Basketball Hoops
Portable basketball hoops from First Team, Inc and Rampage portable basketball system offers an excellent versatility for basketball leagues, schools with multi-use/multi-age gyms, and home driveways that can't accommodate fixed goals.

Institutional Basketball Hoops
Institutional basketball hoops are built for rugged performance in school gyms, athletic facilities, and other institutions. Backboard materials such as acrylic, aluminum, and steel offer exceptional durability and strength.

Wall-Mounted Basketball Hoops
When playing area is limited, with basketball backboards in our wall-mounted section, we offer a range in residential, regulation dimensions and professional backboard systems. Wallmounted Basketball Goals On our website, you will find adjustable mounting systems for home installation, including First Team RoofMaster, and WallMonster basketball hoops for walls, and pitched roof mounts.

Summer time sports equipment
We are a proud dealer of Park and Sun Sports Equipment, and we offer our customers a full-line of products to satisfy all your sporting good needs! Park & Sun Sports® is driven and inspired to be an organization that is focused on the design, development and quality of the products we provide

We're Here to Help
Our hoop, I mean goal at BasketballHoopsOnline is to offer our customers an exciting buying experience. Unlike these Mega-Giant online stores, that try to sell you a piece of furniture with your basketball hoop, we focus on what we know best. We sell only sporting goods, and primarily basketball equipment. Our starting five: great prices, superior selection, fast shipping, friendly service, and live customer service experts ready to take you call.

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Bison Product Warranties

Limited Warranties
All Bison products are warranted against manufacturing defects at the time of delivery. In addition, most products are covered by warranty periods stated in the description of the product. Where listed as �limited�, warranties cover damage or failure that occurs during the course of "normal or intended use" of the warranted product. Normal or intended use is described as activity that is necessary for the participation in the sport for which the equipment is designed.

Bison Limited Warranties do not cover any damage or failure that is the direct or indirect result of any use that is not deemed in the sole discretion of Bison to be "normal and intended use". When warranties are stated as �unconditional� or "unconditional replacement", the above stated limitations do not normally apply.
Whether or not stated as such, all Bison warranties allow Bison to repair or replace warranted products at Bison's sole option. Normal deterioration of products due to weather, wear and tear, or other causes that do not aect functional use are not covered by Bison warranties, regardless of type of stated warranty.
All warranties are valid only when product is used in the intended application as outlined in Bison's printed literature, when installed according to Bison�s instructions and when matched with compatible components as described in Bison's literature. Under no circumstances will product shown in the Bison Premium Residential Basketball Equipment Catalog be warranted for commercial or institutional use.
Due to the abusive nature of pay-to-play facilities, unless specically agreed to in writing, Bison products carry no warranty except for obvious manufacturing defects when used in a facility where players pay an individual or group fee to use Bison equipment.
Bison will pay ground freight only to repair or replace defective merchandise. Unless otherwise stated, Bison will not assume any liability for labor costs incurred for removal or replacement of product replaced or repaired under warranty.


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