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TIPS FOR BUYING Inground Basketball Hoops

So you want to buy a basketball hoop, but you're not quite sure what you're looking for in a home basketball hoops? Portable or Inground? Wall/Roof Mount? Backboard or Rim? Utilize the following facts to help you answer common questions. Choose your hoops for the game you play and the area where you play it.

The game of basketball was forever elevated when the founders of Inground Basketball Hoops dared to imagine a residential, institutional Inground Basketball goal unlike any of its kind. The same passion that so many people have for the game was poured into the creation of building the website from Inground Basketball Hoop. What makes a Inground Basketball Hoop website store so original? Everything you can imagine! Virtually every product of Inground Basketball Hoop is top of the line, vast products and selection of Inground Basketball Hoops, the way we conduct business and the desire to make the buying decision the right one. Our staff was designed to enhance the customer service and increase our performance and sales goals of Inground Basketball Hoops and goals.

Inground Basketball Hoop exclusive customer service, including the over 15 manufacturer's that make Height Adjustment hoopss, Acrylic Backboards, Tempered Glass, Flex Goals, One-Piece & Two-Piece Off-Center Structural Steel Poles and Patented Hinged Ground Anchors hoopss, Angle iron adaptor plates and many other hoopss that crush the misconception that all basketball goals are created equal.

At Inground Basketball Hoop, we also embrace the belief that the quality of our product-line is much more than a collection of stand alone features. True quality lies in the way that we do business � from training our techs & representatives to ensure product knowledge, up with the latest hoopss and customer satisfaction to proudly sell the entire product line in the USA (United States of America). Our hoop, I mean our goal is to provide you with a high-quality basketball hoop and basketball equipment at the right price and that it will be enjoyed for years to come, allowing you to claim one of the best & unique Inground Basketball hoops.

We invite you to visit our entire website, the tradition of the greatest game ever created and experience how Inground Basketball Hoop has redefined the art of selling Inground Basketball Hoops.

These hoopss are positioned and cemented in a hole dug in the ground and are permanent. Inground Basketball Hoops are more stable than portable hoopss, but require more work to install. You can choose to dig and insert a ground sleeve into a hole in the ground and insert the pole for some portability. The in-ground hoops will require a minimum of six 90-pound bags of cement to secure in the ground. Our selection of Inground hoopss includes products from Spalding, Hydra Rib, Silverback, Escalade Sports, First Team, Gared Sports, Schutt Sports and Schelde. Check them out today!

Some Popular Brand Names - Inground Basketball Hoops

Goaliath is the best built mid-range basketball hoops available. Tough playability requirements ensure that Goaliath provides the best value in its price range. If you�re looking for the quality hoops that plays the best, check out the strength of Goaliath.

Goalrilla is the toughest basketball hoops on the planet. Extremely rigid performance criteria guarantee that this is the most stable, durable and playable hoops available today. If you want to experience a truly rock solid basketball hoops, give Goalrilla your best shot!

No basketball company has introduced more new products into the marketplace. It was Huffy Sports who drove the category from wood backboards to fiberglass, graphite, acrylic and lighted models increasing backboard performance and generating excitement among consumers.

� First portable basketball hoops
� First environmentally friendly backboard
� First elevator
� First lighted backboard
� First breakaway rim
� First secondary restraint ground stake
� First Quick Clip safety net release hoops
� First play anywhere backboard and rim
� First non-corrosive ground sleeve
� First rotational in ground
� First multi-wheel rollable unit basketball hoops
� First high performance lighted sports balls

Through the introduction of innovative basketball hoopss that incorporate the highest standards for safety and performance, Huffy Sports continues to guide the basketball industry through year 2000 and beyond.

The Hydra-RIB brand represents the most reliable high-end basketball units in the world. Used in over a dozen NBA areans and most NCCA venues, Hydra-RIB units have built a reputation as high performing, high quality basketball hoopss.
Bring the professional look and high performance of a Hydra-RIB hoops out of the gymnasium to your own driveway.

� International recognition with equipment in 67 countries on 6 different continents
� Colleges, Universities, Schools, Sports Clubs, and YMCAs
� In the 1999 NCAA Men's Tournament, 42 of the 64 teams had Hydra-RIB on their home courts
� 11 of the 29 NBA arenas use Hydra-RIB Portable Backstops, the most of any one manufacturer
� Hydra-RIB has been the backstop used in 22 of the past 24 NCAA Final Four Tournaments
� Get professional look and high performance of a Hydra-RIB hoops in your own driveway
� Hydra-RIB was the "Official Supplier" and the "Backstop of Choice" for the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta, Georgia
� 5 of the 8 WNBA arenas use Hydra-RIB Portable Backstops, the most of any manufacturer

Inground Basketball Hoop (BHO) sells basketball equipment that is rugged, long lasting and tough enough for the Pro's. Our outdoor and indoor basketball goals are second to none, with designs that will complement any gymnasium or playground. We are your industry source for any style basketball backboard, basketball hoops and portable basketball hoops. Our drop down from the ceiling series basketball backboard and hoop are top performers and they are available in manual or electric models. They can also be ordered in clear or solid traditional style white backboards.

BHO also sells wall mounted backstops are ideal for side courts and where low ceilings or other factors prohibit the use of other types of backstops. Simple, rigid designs provide years of top quality performance. Available in stationary or folding designs also available in multiple combinations of fan and rectangular backboards and rims. Optional height adjusters can be used with all wall-mounted designs. Please specify backboard, goal style and extension length when consulting with our customer service professionals. All BHO backstops backboards come standard with an attractive semi-gloss, acrylic enamel finish. There are dozens of backboard styles and configurations all of them are sturdy and attractive. We also carry scoreboards, shot clocks, replacement nets, basketball carriers, safety padding for posts and walls in your gymnasium and safety straps for ceiling mounted backboards. If it is basketball related we sell it, BHO is committed to providing our customers with the most reliable basketball equipment in the industry.

Contact us today; for a look at our product line and personal equipment needs consultation, our customer service representatives are ready to become part of your team.

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First Team Product Warranties

All First Team products are warranted against manufacturers defects at delivery. Additionally, First Team warranties most products for a given period of time as stated in the literature. Below is and explanation of First Team's warranty levels.

Limited Warranty:
Covers any damage caused by normal basketball activity and normal player contact with the goal. Normal basketball activity and Normal player contact shall be described as any action that is necessary for participation in the game of basketball. Deliberate hanging on the rim, multiple player hanging, and vandalism are not covered under the Limited Warranty.

Superior Warranty:
Covers any damage or failure caused by any type of basketball activity or related contact with the unit. This includes deliberate hanging on the rim as well as multiple player hanging. The Superior Warranty does not cover vandalism.

Unconditional Warranty:
Covers any damage or failure that occurs for any reason. Any product carrying an Unconditional Warranty is exempt from the above stated limitations.

Any normal wear and tear caused by weathering or UV exposure is not covered under any First Team warranty. All painted items carry a one year limited warranty on coating.

First Team basketball systems listed solely under "Residential Basketball Packages" are warranted for residential use only! Residential is defined as a single family dwelling. For a complete listing of basketball packages warranted for non-residential use, refer to the Institutional Basketball Packages section of First Team's price list. Under no circumstances shall any basketball package other than those listed under Institutional Basketball Packages be warranted for non-residential use.

Due to the abusive nature of amusement facilities, unless specifically agreed to in writing, First Team products carry no warranty except for obvious manufacturing defects when used in an entertainment facility where players pay a fee to use the equipment.

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